FTC.ND – Robot Match


The FTC Game Manual Part 2 has details

Field Illustration

Poles and Trays are placed on Junctions

Ground Junctions, Low Junctions, Medium Junctions, and High Junctions

Points scored by placing Cones and Beacons on Junctions

Points also scored by placing Robot on parking location

Robot must have a legible Team number on it

Robots start against wall between the Terminal and Substation

Two teams in blue Alliance Station

Two teams in red Alliance Station

Alliances are randomly selected by Field Personnel

Each Alliance has four Driver Operators (two from each Team)

Each Alliance has two Coaches (one from each Team)

Each Alliance has one human player (can be from either Team)

Ground Junction

Low Junction

Medium Junction

High Junction


Beacon placed


Ground Junction

Beacon can

be placed on

any Junction

Beacon must be

red or blue to

match assigned