FTC.ND (FIRST Tech Challenge)

CENTERSTAGE (2023-2024)

North Dakota website

ages 12-18

robot maximum size is 18 inches x 18 inches

Contact: Lee Gullingsrud <dakotaftc@gmail.com>

ND FTC Program Delivery Partner

FIRST – A Global Robotics Community

— 15 December 2023 – NEWSLETTER —

2023-2024 Competition Match

Design a robot that

Places pixels in specific locations

Launches a Drone

The Robot Field

One Team

Two Driver Operators

One Human Player

One Coach

One Robot

One Alliance Team

Two Driver Operators from each Team

Four Driver Operators total

One Human Player from one Team

One Human Player total

One Coach from each Team

Two Coaches total

One Robot from each Team

Two Robots total


One Alliance Team color is Red

The other Alliance Team color is Blue

For Every Match

The Red Alliance Team competes with the Blue Alliance Team

The teams for the alliances are chosen randomly

Rules and Penalties

Safety Rules and General Rules (described in Manual 2)

Human Player cannot break the vertical plane of the Playing Field Perimeter while a Robot is in the Wing


Pre-Match, Post-Match, and Gameplay Penalties (described in Manual 2)

Penalties can add points to the Opponent’s points

Gracious Professionalism

Helping another team.

Equal opportunity

No one left behind

Having fun!!!

Sequence & Points

Engineering Design Examples (YouTube)


Inspire Award (Achieve Greatness):


Robot Design

Engineering Notebook

Judging Presentations

Gracious Professionalism


Think Award (Engineering Notebook):

Math, Science, and Design Process in Robot Building

Connect Award (Connects to External Community):

Sharing who they are

Explaining FIRST

How others can be involved

(Engineering Notebook):

Fundraising Plan

Business Plan

Outreach Plan

Innovate Award:

Most Innovative Robot Design

Creative Robot Design

Work in a Consistent Manner

Does not need to Perform Well in Every Round

Design Award:

Most Thoughtful Design

Functional and Aesthetic

Unique Design

Displayed on Competition Field

Depicted in Engineering Notebook

Sketches, Blueprints, Photos, Computer Aided Design

Motivate Award:

Exemplifies being a FIRST Team

Showing Gracious Professionalism at Competitions

Recruiting and Assisting other Teams

Assisting Team Members

Control Award:

Unique Programs

Successful Sensors

(Engineering Notebook Explains):

Implementation of Software, Sensors and Mechanical control

Promote Award:

Create the best Public Service Announcement

Based on a Prompt every Season

“If there was one thing I would tell my younger self ….”

“How will you pay FIRST forward?”

Compass Award:

A 60 second video clip recognizing a Coach or Mentor

Robot Parts

Brains, Motors, Sensors, Extrusions, Wheels, and Cables

——— Teams are allowed to build their own parts. ———

Virtual Robot Simulators

2023-2024 Resources and Information

See NDAcademy.FoxPing.com for basic electronic fundamentals